Discounts are available for OAP's, students and Blue Light professionals (emergency services, NHS and armed forces personnel).

Please get in touch and enquire for more details.

What to expect

Initial consultation 40 minutes

First, we will determine whether chiropractic care is suitable and whether you will benefit from treatment.

We take a detailed case history to understand your specific complaint, followed by a full orthopaedic & neurological assessment, including full testing.

Our findings report will provide details about your specific condition, and a plan of management will then be discussed. Your individual plan will include treatment recommendations, your recovery time-line and costs for your treatment.

If after the assessment, your condition is deemed not to be within the remit of chiropractic care, you will be referred to the relevant medical professional.

It will also be determined whether we will need to refer for imaging (X-ray/MRI) on the initial visit, however, this is uncommon and will be discussed on the day.

Duration: 40 minutes.

Follow up 20 minutes

Your progression will be continually monitored throughout the following appointments and treatments/visiting frequency will adapt accordingly to this.

During the report of findings, we will recommend how many treatments and the frequency for your condition. This however is a guide and is given based on the average recovery times for the same conditions. Each individual is different so this is subject to change.

Duration: 20 minutes.



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